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Remus Highest Rye Aged for 6 years and featuring the highest amount of rye a bourbon can offer, Remus Highest Rye Bourbon is masterfully crafted to pay tribute to rye’s popularity heading into Prohibition. With a sweet, rich fruit and maple aroma, the taste brings robust candied fruit notes and a lingering spicy cinnamon and saddle leather finish. Remus Highest Rye Bourbon is proof that what might have been, can still be.Named after two historic Lawrenceburg, Indiana, distilleries – Rossville Distillery and W.P. Squibb & Co. – Ross & Squibb Distillery has a reputation for producing unique, high-quality ryes and high-rye bourbons dating back to 1847. Rye whiskey saw the peak of its popularity leading up to Prohibition and today is steadily gaining in popularity. Experience the captivating aroma of our exquisite whisky, boasting a luscious fruit syrup essence, accompanied by delicate notes of maple, skillfully balanced with the richness of caramel, vanilla, and the enticing hint of barrel char. As you savor the bouquet, immerse yourself in a delightful minty freshness, intertwined with the alluring spice of cinnamon and the elegant essence of fig and saddle leather.

Now, indulge in the robust candied fruit flavor that dances on your palate, complemented by the smooth allure of caramel and vanilla, tinged with a subtle touch of sweet cream. You'll find a delightful surprise of candied raisin and fig, adding complexity and depth to this extraordinary tasting experience, with just the right touch of mint grass.

As the journey reaches its pinnacle, relish in the satisfying finish that exudes a spicy, cinnamon-infused warmth, heightened by a gentle hint of nutmeg and lingering fruitiness. The luxurious richness of saddle leather leaves a lasting impression, as the flavors gracefully linger in the memory.

Prepare yourself to savor the remarkable depth and complexity of this whisky, where every note is meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable symphony on the palate. Enjoy the journey of exploring the array of flavors that unfold, as each sip of this exceptional whisky reveals its true character.

Mash Bill: 51% Corn, 39% Rye, 10% Malted RyeAge: 6 YearsProof: 109

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