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Paul sutton bourbon family owned and operated uses its familys century old mash recipe and ages all barrels a minimum of 6 years. This craft bourbon uses a sweet mash process and bottles single barrels only.

From the Distillery:

"Paul Sutton Bourbon® is a handcrafted bourbon made from our family’s century old mash recipe. Distilled in a traditional 18-inch column still, it’s then meticulously aged in charred oak barrels to create a rich, sweet pour.

Created in batches of twelve and yielding just eighteen to twenty barrels a day, our bourbon sets the standard for handcrafted bourbon. Our Master Distiller carefully selects each barrel before bottling, labeling, and numbering by hand. Paul Sutton Bourbon® stands by only bottling Single Barrels.

We’re proud to use the highest quality of sustainable glass in our custom bottle. The words Family and Reserve are deeply carved into the sides of the bottle along with our family bourbon’s monogram. Seven consecutive cuts on the back of the bottle symbolize seven generations of passion, tradition and legacy®."

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