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"We do “Grain-to-Glass.” The production of our spirits is controlled from grain to glass, ensuring a quality product. We mill, mash, and ferment the grain to generate the initial alcohol content that is then condensed via distillation.

The Mash Bill or mix of grains used in the production process can be considered a High Rye meaning that it has a higher than average rye percentage.

  • Our Mash bill is 70/30. 70% rye berry/rye malt blend and 30% malted barley blend.
  • The rye berries come to us from Central Milling, the rye malt is from Weyerman, the specialty malts are from Briess.
  • We use Rye, Rye Malt, and two different Specialty Malts (Barley). The specialty malts are Caramel Malt and Munich Malt. This allows for a strong rye presence without the typical rye astringency. The malted barley works to soften and sweeten the finish.
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