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At PM Spirits, we're always on the lookout not just for superlative spirits, but also for like-minded people. When we met Jose Luis Gutierrez, we knew right away he was someone special. Having spent years working both independently and for the Mexican Trade Commission throughout Europe – promoting and establishing reciprocity of the Tequila Denomination of Origin – Jose Luis later started working closely with producers in Jalisco in order to source and provide quality Tequila directly to European brands and bottlers. We had been wanting to collaborate with someone on bottling a PM Spirits Project Tequila for quite some time. Jose Luis' passion for and knowledge of the spirit was apparent to us from day one, and we could think of no better person to have worked with to make this project happen. Thank you, Jose Luis. DISTILLED AT NOM 1468 • GRUPO TEQUILERO MEXICO BY JUAN ANTONIO GONZALEZ • SINGLE HORNO 2021 This Tequila is the product of one single oven, or horno. It was distilled from 100% estate grown Blue Weber Agave. Bottled at two strengths – 80 proof and still strength 110 proof. No additives.

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