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92 PROOF | 46% ALC BY VOL | 750 ML

Introducing the newest Conniption Gin where science meets art in a delicious, modern gin with a beautiful indigo hue.

Conniption Kinship Gin starts with the vapor-distilled botanical base of juniper, indian coriander, cardamom, licorice root, angelica root and bitter orange. Then, delicate botanicals of fresh orange and lemon peels, honeysuckle flowers and peeled, ripe cucumbers are distilled into "vodka" using our modern vacuum, cold distillation methods. All are blended together before adding pure distilled and deionized water.

The final step is a touch of artful magic. We all-naturally infuse butterfly pea flowers into the gin resulting in a beautiful indigo hue.

Science equals Art in cocktails with Conniption Kinship Gin. The color shifts from indigo to shades of blue and pink with citrus (a pH influence)!

Aroma, Tasting and Finish

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Nose is fresh lemon and orange with lovely notes of piney-juniper and sweet honeysuckle. On the palate, the upfront notes of juniper, coriander, bitter orange and spiced cardamom lengthen into a mid-palate of floral and citrus from the honeysuckle and cold distilled lemon and orange peel. Cucumber and licorice root add a fresh and slightly sweet finish.

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