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The 2017 Riesling Select comes in with 37 grams of residual sugar, 7.5 of total acidity and 12.5% alcohol. This is the last of our mini-vertical this issue. Sweet in its youth, it is a wine that should perceptibly seem a bit drier in time, but even now it is hardly cloying. This style certainly does not result in a dessert wine. As it airs out, it continues to pull in the sugar and show more transparency. I'm not sure the aromatics here are as good as on the 2016 or 2013, but it is mostly along the same stylistic lines. Of the trio, I still like the verve and fresh transparency of the 2013 best—in alcohol, it's the least typical of the trio—but I was left wondering whether this and the 2016 would develop along the same lines. They might, with some time to shed the baby fat, but in any event, this will still be a wonderful bargain. Wine Advocate

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